Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am a muslim by Dina Zaman

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I bought this book on 2007..but I only managed to read it (and finish it) on Feb.2010.Why I take so long to read this book? Don-t get me wrong.i missplaced this book.My father found this book when he helped me packaging my things.

Kenapa saya beli buku ini?
The word muslim attracted my attention to buy this book. Tapi bila saya lihat penulisnya,
eh she is not wearing tudung.How can she writes about muslim”
OOhhh stop being prejudice!It doesn’t mean that when you are not wearing a tudung you cannot talk about muslim. It doesn’t mean that you are not a good person at all if you not wearing a tudung…Sometimes a person who not wearing a tdung is better that a person who wearing a tudung..So, please stop being so prejudice and “kolot”
Saya berkata-kata kat diri saya sendiri....

Afher complete reading this book, the writers journey suprising me. I can say that the writer has lots of knowledge in Islamic. In addition, her ideas makes me thinks and thinks about being a muslim. ..especially being a muslim in Malaysia...

I love to read her experiences being a muslim surrounded with many kind of people, vip, gay, lesbian and etc. ..

Try to read this book and enjoy the writers journey and experience as a muslim in M’sia….

Let me share the vocabularies that i found in this book :
1.camaraderie ---> keakraban
2.condour(n) ---> kejujuran/keikhlasan
3.arduous (adj) ---> payah/susah/ perlu ketekunan
4.spry ---> aktif, tangkas
5.genitalia--->the organ of reproduction
6.deplorabe ---> sangat buruk